The Innovation

Design that is amazingly simple to use
as well as eye-catching.

Simply wholesome

Fill the bottle, put on the Dancer, set it on the base – mixing starts automatically.
In no time at all, you have a refreshing drink.

simply clean

All the parts are dishwasher-proof. The highest
standard of hygiene with minimal effort.

Simply versatile

Use the elegant glass bottle for receptions, the practical thermos
for hot and cold drinks and the lightweight plastic bottle when you’re on the go.

Simply attachable

Thanks to its 63 mm standard thread, the Dancer
also fits bottles from other manufacturers.

Simply careful

The specially developed blade cuts fruits
and vegetables instead of crushing them.

Simply exclusive

The 5-part basic set includes Dancer, base, elegant glass
bottle, practical thermos and lightweight plastic bottle.

Simply yours

The FRXSH mixer can be conveniently delivered to you at home.
You can also request additional Dancers or bottles.

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