Dance the taste

Our name is our program. Because we bring fresh momentum to the market of professional kitchen appliances. This is achieved by an experienced team of experts who work hand in hand from development and production to service and sales.


Frxsh embodies pure desire for perfect cooking results

The consistency? Simply successful! Taste? A real treat! The areas of application? Impressively diverse! FRXSH shares the passion of professional chefs and brings reliability, ease and sustainability to the preparation of food and beverages with innovative ideas.


Frxsh brings fresh momentum to proven kitchen technology

FRXSH is new to the market. At the same time, it builds on over 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of kitchen appliances and combines this with unfiltered market proximity. Trends and customer requirements flow directly into the further development of products and services.


Frxsh focuses on precision in original Swiss quality

Behind FRXSH stands engineering know-how that has not only brought high-end appliances for professional kitchens, but also appliance series of large retail chains to market maturity. Made in Switzerland is our manufacturing quality benchmark by which we measure ourselves.


Design meets function

Focused on the essentials and with the user firmly in mind: Product design, operating procedures and handling at FRXSH are consistently geared towards the best possible user experience. During development, every detail is scrutinized and processes are simplified in a practice-oriented manner.


With Frxsh your device is in good hands even in the long term

We consistently think sustainable: from low-wear design through the use of high-quality materials, to high performance with simultaneously optimized energy efficiency, to competent help with maintenance and service with guaranteed spare parts supply. Because we want our equipment to serve you well for as long as possible.